Q: What is this all about?
A: NOTHING. I just wanted to make a tiny fun little game you can play when you are bored, or want to procrastinate.

Q: But there is "something"! You lied to me!
A: That's relative.
For example: A user who called the tech-support always did NOTHING before the PC broke down.
I call it: Different flavours of NOTHING.

Q: There is a download, why should I pay for it?
A: That's a very good question, and the answer is simple:
You shoud never ever be forced to pay for NOTHING, but you can, to help me improve and develop this funny game.
Seriously though, it would land on PirateBay or somewhere else.
By providing a free download I can at least guarantee for the quality of the game without any side effects ;)

Q: Your icons look awesome, who made them?
A: I am totally unable to use photoshop or similar tools, so I asked the incredible @Hans0Hansen to help me out.